Pete Stern is a multi media artist who during the creation of his Color Beyond painting series, mixed and sampled between video and fine art, between digital and screen printing and by doing so, Pete has created his own after hours painting by numbers technique. 
Capturing single frame video images whilst working within broadcast television on U.S sitcoms, he transformed them into beautiful abstract expressionist digital paintings that went beyond what the surface video ever could. As Pete himself said, "I found video images on television at times to be so boring, so mundane, that i decided to explore deeper, behind and within the video image and into the very medium itself, wondering whether there must be more to this video medium than meets the eye."
Working from the surface video, Pete has created a rich colorful, digital abstract expressionism for the 21st century and in doing so, he has taken the detritus of the modern cutting room floor, the proverbial digital waste basket, recycled and transformed the rescued binary junk, to produce the sublime images of Color Beyond.